by Mindful Journals

A suite of Positive Psychology tools in your pocket

Welli is a suite of mental wellness tools inspired by the field of Positive Psychology and chosen for their effectiveness. Included in Welli are:

The Gratitude Journal, one of the most effective tools for improving your outlook on life. One well known study has shown that writing in a Gratitude Journal every day for as little as a week or two can have a positive impact on your mood lasting up to six months.

The Goal Setter, which employs findings from the science of motivation which shows that the barriers that we think most impede us from fulfilling our goals can actually help us to realize them. You'll practice a goal setting strategy that will help you anticipate challenges and plan how to deal with them.

The Adversity Disputer, inspired by the work of renowned American Psychologist Martin Seligman, is a tool for DIY Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The Adversity Disputer will teach you to combat negative self-talk and reprogram your brain to respond in a more productive way in the face of adversity.

The Meditation Timer, simple and elegant.

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